Ford’s new F-150, 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 2017 model is one of the most important changes in the refreshed F-150 introduced to date.


The engine torque of the 3.5-litre model increased 50 lb.-ft (420 to 470) and the horsepower was boosted by 10 to 375. This smoking acceleration from this new engine immediately had heads turning! The tire-burning growl made it obvious which engine to choose when wanting to make a statement.


Acceleration is just barely over six seconds to 100km/h for a machine weighing in just over 2,200 kilograms, making highway passing easier than ever before. An addictive rush will be the straight-line acceleration. This engine growl mirrors the mouth-watering rich tones of a V8, but the true benefit of the new V6 is the improved towing with a strong, consistent pull. The former EcoBoost yielded 420 bl.-ft at 2,500 but this new V6 yields 470 lb.-ft at 3,500 rpm, ideal for big trailers up long hills.


The difference the new EcoBoost makes in the F-150 when paired with the new 10-speed transmission was not something critics were prepared to be so blown away with. The new 10-speed – co-developed with GM and used int he F-150 Raptor – has a dual personality: It shifts casually from first to third to fifth and seventh and up as needed in normal driving. Occasionally first to third will feel abrupt but rarely is the engine hunting for the right gear.


Put your foot into the pedal and feel the launch of a ferocious attack on the asphalt until the driver backs off the throttle, whether in Sport or Tow mode. Equipped with instrumentation of a vertical stack of numbers visible to the left side of the instrument cluster allows viewing of gear changes being made.

The second-gen EcoBoost, almost completely new, gets an aluminum block and aluminum heads. Turbochargers and cooling systems are new and direct-and port-injection have also been added to keep carbon off the intake valves.


The new 3.5L EcoBoost puts the 2017 Ford F-150 much Fuel economy is still at a respectable 16.7L/100km of combined city and highway driving. In 4×4 trim, the rating is 12.1L/100km combined.

Ford was wise to improve on its winning turbo strategy, having sold more than one million EcoBoost engines. Regardless of the price for the big V6, the new 3.5L EcoBoost puts the 2017 Ford F-150 leaps ahead of every other half-ton on the market.