Now that Winter has come to an end, it is time to get your vehicle ready for Spring and Summer.

Here are some tips to help you and vehicle enjoy the warmer weather.


Wash Your Vehicle
Start with a carwash that washes the vehicle’s exterior as well as the undercarriage. Road salt is one of the biggest culprits for lingering winter elements. A thorough carwash helps to avoid salt build-up and prevent rust.

The floor of the interior could also be saturated with water, salt, gravel or any other debris from your shoes, so washing the interior is also a good idea. Of if you have protected the flooring with weather mats, giving the mats a good clean will also freshen the vehicle from the winter elements.

Inpsection, Rotation And Alignment Your Tires
If you have installed winter tires, now is the time to swap those out and store for next winter. Bringing your vehicle in and have the winter tires inspected to determine if they are worthy for next winter before storing them away. If you have not installed winter tires ensure you check the tread of the tires you have on to avoid balding tires with no traction for rainy days. While doing inspection, ask for a wheel alignment and tire swap or rotation to ensure safer wearing and get the best life out of your tires. Winter driving can be hard on your vehicle’s tires.

tire rotation

Check Your Windshield Wipers
Next item is checking your windshield wipers. Winter is very hard on your wipers and with a rainy season it is the best time to change them out. This can improve visibility, reducing the risk of an accident.

Check Your Vehicle’s Battery

With the harsh conditions of winter you vehicle has to work harder than any other season, making it easy for the battery to drain. Most auto parts stores offer a free battery inspection. If you suspect your batter life is low or is older than four years old, visit your local auto parts retailer to have that replaced.

chek the battery

Top Up Your Vehicle’s Fluids
Sloppy road conditions is the first sign of winter ending and spring starting. Have your vehicle’s fluids topped up and filled, especially windshield wiper fluid. It empties quickly during the winter when it is constantly being used to clean grime from the windshield.

Engine oil protects the engine against wear and tear. It is important to have your oil changed regularly and kept full so that the engine and its working parts continue to function properly.

Brake fluid is another important fluid to monitor. Brake fluid transfers the pressure from your foot on the pedal to the wheel. To ensure additional safety one must have enough brakes fluid to prevent additional time and effort of stopping your vehicle.

Belts, Hoses and Air Filters
Inspect your vehicle’s belts, hoses and air filters. If the belts or hoses are cracked or damaged in any way, they must be repaired. Have your vehicle inspected for any of these potential issues.

Inspect the air filters to make sure they are clean and working properly. You can also have your air conditioner checked so that it is ready for the warm weather.

under the hood

Call anyone of our FFUN dealerships to book your Spring Inspection so you are ready for the warmer season!